Information about our Schools

Xenos Christian Schools provide a program of academic excellence and Biblical truth while developing Christian values in a loving environment. We believe that growing children develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, culturally, and physically. Xenos Christian Schools emphasize intellectual development and offer assistance in other areas of child development. Xenos Christian Schools express their commitment to Christ by addressing the child’s relationship with God in all areas of development in accordance with biblical principles.

Established by Xenos Christian Fellowship in 1983, Xenos Christian Schools has three locations with a current enrollment of 418 students. Calumet Christian School in Clintonville offers preschool through 8th grade; Xenos Christian Preschool (near 270 and Cleveland Ave.) offers preschool (for 3 and 4 yr olds) only; and Harambee Christian School in South Linden offers full-day kindergarten through 8th grade.

2018-19 Enrollment by School

  • Calumet Christian School: 249
  • Xenos Christian Preschool:  34
  • Harambee Christian School:  146

Fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education, XCS provides academic excellence in a diverse, grace-oriented, relational environment.

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Harambee Christian SchoolHCS2

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